The TYPA gymnastics program offers an excellent opportunity for all levels of gymnasts. Gymnastics develops your muscles, your sense of balance and your flexibility. Whether you take classes for a great work out or whether you decide to compete, your mind and your body will benefit from the exercise and discipline required.
Our coaches will assist gymnasts to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level. Each level will normally take 2 semesters to advance to the next level. Older beginners (Grade 2 and up) with no previous gymnastics experience may attend the Intermediate level.

Gymnastics MEET

TYPA will attempt to schedule gymnastics meets for Advanced/Elite gymnasts with other local and international gymnastics organizations. This is not guaranteed or part of the activity fee. Any extra meets or travel will be at the expense of the participants.


Gymnastics classes require loose or stretchy workout clothing. Avoid wearing jeans or skirts and take off watches, jewelry and protruding hair gear. Advanced and Elite female gymnasts should wear leotards.


TYPA Girls International Gymnastics Meet 2018