Art Now-Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Students will learn about Ephemeral art in our NEW interactive class. Unlike art created to be hung on walls or displayed in galleries forever, ephemeral art is temporary and exists for a certain moment in time.

The process of creating artwork is often more important than the end result. Often ephemeral arts are made from materials and things that have short duration and form-holding capacity, such as sand, ice, or from materials that tend to decompose or change through natural processes, such as leaves.

This class will promote a respect for natural materials and encourage children's appreciation and sensitivity to color, size, shape and symmetry.

The course will also create rich language opportunities for teachers to talk to children about the aesthetic qualities of the materials they are using, as well as discuss design and patterning. Photos will be shared with families showing the creative activities enjoyed in this afternoon class.

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    FRI. 2:45-3:40 pm

  • cost

    $5,700 per semester