How do I become a member?

In order to participate in TYPA classes, one must first become a TYPA member. TYPA welcomes everyone from the expatriate community and has members from nations around the world. Joining TYPA is a simple process. Just come to the TYPA office with the completed Master Registration Form and a copy of the new member's foreign passport. Non-TAS parents are also required to take a photo at the TAS guard house for TYPA gate passes. Due to ROC government regulations governing the charter of TYPA, all members must be foreign nationals holding a foreign passport. Each participant pays a registration fee of $1,600 NT per semester and $800 for summer activities.


Do all members of the family need to be holders of foreign passports?

No, only the person wishing to become a member needs to have a foreign passport.


What are the costs for the registration and classes?

Registration fees are $1,600 per member for each semester (twice a year) and $800 for summer activities. Class or activity prices vary. Please look at the Programs & Camps section for the details of each activity. TAS students may pay the TYPA registration fee with the TAS tuition bill or pay to TYPA directly. We suggest members pay the registration fee to TYPA when registering for activities during the registration period.


How can I become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer, please call us at 2873-1815 or e-mail us and we will get in touch with you. TYPA has many volunteer opportunities from our sports programs to class moms and dads in our preschool program. Become part of our future and give your time to the youth of the community.


Does TYPA offer accident insurance?

TYPA carries liability insurance for all participants on the TAS and Tiger Tots Place campuses where TYPA activities are held, but does not carry personal medical and accident insurance which is deemed to be a personal family responsibility. Reasonably priced, on-island (Taiwan) accident insurance is available through the TYPA insurance company for TYPA members. Information about the insurance is available at the TYPA office.


How can I or my company become a sponsor?

If you or your company would like to be a sponsor of TYPA, please contact Gerry Moran, TYPA Managing Director, at 2873-1815, ext. 11. You may also e-mail morang@typa.org.tw with a message directly to his inbox.


What is your policy for missed or cancelled classes?

Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, such as room availability or teacher illness, TYPA reserve the right to add, cancel or change classes.

When classes are cancelled due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, refunds, credits or make ups will not be given. However, in the case of tennis, music, and other summer programs please refer to these specific policies stated in the TYPA catalog. In case of a typhoon alert, check our website, or call TYPA to verify if your class has been cancelled or not.

If TYPA cancels a class, credit will be given. If a student simply misses a class, there will be no make up or refund.


When are the main registration periods?

TYPA has two main registration periods; registration for Fall programs takes place in late April/early May, and registration for Spring programs in late November/early December. We have a special registration period in March for summer activities. For specific dates, please ensure you are on our weekly email list and refer to the calendar on our website.


What payment options do I have with TYPA?

TYPA payment options:

● By Cash: Please pay in the TYPA office.

● By Check: The corner of the NT$ Cash Check must be crossed out, non-transferable and payable to "TYPA". Please send by registered mail with a copy of the registration form to the TYPA office or pay in person. The name of participant and program detail should be listed on the registration form.

● By Credit Card: Please pay in the TYPA office. For member who has completed the Authorization of Credit card Payment, the payment can be made through e-registration. TYPA accepts VISA, Master Card and JCB Cards only.

● By Bank Transfer: "Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Tian Mu Branch, Account Number: 017-021-10094048, Account Name: TYPA". Please fax (2873-6344) or email to reg@typa.org.tw the remittance slip to TYPA with a copy of the registration form after you have remitted the fee. The name of participant and program detail should be listed on the registration form.

TYPA payment options Authorization of Credit card Payment

I live overseas and want to register for TYPA summer camp? How can I do that?

Please take a look at the "How To Register" page.

How To Register



Will musical instruments be provided?

No & Yes. You will need to buy or rent your own musical instruments, except for pianos!


Where can I buy or rent musical instruments?

The front desk, the music coordinator and your music teacher can all assist you with name cards, suggestions and information.


Where can I get information about the music teacher’s background?

You can ask the music coordinator for background information, or you can ask the teachers themselves.


Can I choose the music teacher I want?

Yes, but that may limit your options for days or times available.


Can I have the teacher’s phone number?

Yes, if you or your child has a class with that teacher. (cell phone numbers only)


Will I need to purchase music books or other supplies?

See your music teacher. Some teachers require books or notebooks, and they will assist you in purchasing them.


Can my child practice his or her instrument in TYPA classrooms?

No. TYPA classrooms are limited and reserved for classes only.



Where can I get information about the teacher’s background?

You can ask the coordinator(s) for background information, or you can ask the teachers themselves.


Are there any special uniform and equipment requirements?

Yes, Advanced and Elite female gymnasts should wear leotards.

There is a dress code policy: Gymnastics classes require loose or stretchy workout clothing. Avoid wearing jeans or skirts and take off watches, jewelry and protruding hair gear. Practice leotards are optional for beginners and intermediate gymnasts.

Martial Arts


Where can I get information about the teacher’s background?

You can ask the coordinator(s) for background information, or you can ask the teachers themselves.


Are there any special uniform and equipment requirements?

Yes. All martial arts students are required to wear uniforms. (each discipline has its own uniform)


Where can I get a uniform?

Uniforms can be purchased through the martial arts masters or from outside vendors.



How and where can I purchase ballet costume?

You can either:
1) ask the ballet instructor to buy for you
2) go to the dance wear store on Han-Chung Street personally. TYPA office can provide parents with a simple guide as how to get there.


What should I wear for the jazz, hip-hop and tap classes?

1) Clothes: stretchy clothes. No jeans or skirt.
2) Shoes: Sneakers will do. Jazz shoes are recommended but not required. Tap shoes are required for tap dance classes. You can purchase them through the teacher or go to a dance wear store.


When is the annual dance show?

The dance show is usually held at the end of May and all the dance classes will start practicing the dance show from the beginning of the second semester. Therefore, we will strongly recommend students to join the dance class for the whole year. The first semester is to build up dance skills and the second semester is to practice routine for the dance show.



What is the difference between clinics, semi-private lesson and private lesson?

The TYPA tennis program comprises four different tennis lessons options:
1. TENNIS CLINIC - Three coaches collectively instruct 15-20 students of all levels.
Tennis clinic lessons are only offered from 2:45-3:35 pm (Mon-Fri). We also offer a special tennis clinic lesson on Friday 3:45-4:40 pm for grade 6 and older students. Students in the TYPA tennis clinic will not be able to choose their own coach.
2. PRIVATE - One on one
3. SEMI-PRIVATE - One coach with 2-3 students
4. GROUP - One coach with 4-6 students

All Private, Semi-private and Group lessons are scheduled between 3:45-7:15pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays from 7:00am-7:00pm.


What is the cost for tennis lessons?

Please refer to our pricing.


What is the cancellation policy for tennis lessons?

After the second week of the semester no credits or refunds will be given due to withdrawals and no schedule changes will be allowed. There will be no credits or refunds for missed tennis clinics, group lessons and semi-private lessons. Private lessons are allowed one cancellation per semester but the cancellation must be done at least 24 hours in advance. Please note canceled tennis lessons will not be made up.

Regarding injury cancellation, we will only issue a refund to an injured student if they withdraw for the rest of the semester. Please provide a medical certificate when applying for an injury refund. Once the injury application has been submitted, the student will lose priority registration for the re-registration period.

Announcements on the cancellations of tennis lessons due to inclement weather will be made at 2:00pm on the day of the lesson. Cancellation text messages will be sent to parents once the cancellation is confirmed. If the cancellation is made after 3:45pm, tennis coaches will contact the parents individually. Parents can call the TYPA office to inquire about cancellations after 2:00pm. Lessons cancelled by TYPA will be credited or refunded at the end of the semester.


Do I need to provide a tennis racket and/or tennis balls for the lessons?

Please provide your own racket for the lesson. We will provide tennis balls for you.


Do I have to bring my own racket for the first class?

It is recommended that you bring your own racket for your first class. However, if you don’t have a racket, please inform the TYPA office and the coach will prepare an extra racket for you to use in the first tennis lesson.


Can I ask the coach to help me buy a suitable-sized racket for me?

Yes, please let your coach know during the first class.



Why can't we use the pitching machines during warm up or practice?

Pitching machines can not be used for warming up before games due to safety reasons. The pre-game warm up period is a lot less controlled than the game situation. Players, spectators or younger siblings could easily walk into the path of the pitching machine. For the sake of the children and everybody involved, we want to avoid any such potentially dangerous situations.


Why can't we get the entire season schedule at the beginning of the season?

We can not provide the season schedule in advance because of a number of factors:

1) Coaches have scheduling requests every week. As all of our coaches are volunteers, we try to be as accommodating as possible. Many coaches coach more than one team and the schedule needs to be adjusted for their benefit. Also a number of coaches are very busy and need varying time slots that often change week to week.
2) TAS sometimes has impromptu facility usage which clash with our sports program. We have to adjust the schedule accordingly.
3) There is also the weather, which may cancel games and force that week’s games to be postponed to a later date.

All of these factors combine to mean that we can not provide a season schedule in advance. If we did, we would be constantly updating it and people could end up with variations of the weekly schedules.


Why do we need to attend Skills Assessments?

For 2nd – 5th grade sports we want to make the teams as even as possible. Therefore, we will assess each player and give them a skills rating. Each player is then ranked and grouped according to their skill level.

After assessments we then divide the teams. Each team is seeded with from each skills level group. So, each team will effectively get a mix of higher-skilled, average-skilled and beginner-level players.

If you do not attend the skills assessment, we can not know your skill level and then can not fairly place you onto a team. Players will not be able to play until they are assessed and fairly placed onto a team.


If I miss Skills Assessment, why do I need to miss Game 1?

After the Skills Assessment week we have a list of all of the players and their skill level. We then divide the teams accordingly. The team rosters are set for Game 1 and the coaches then proceed to call their players and prepare for Game 1.

If we were to add players after the teams are set, but before Game 1, this could upset the balance of the teams. We can better establish where we can fit late players after all teams play their first game. Some teams may need some help or some teams may be stronger than others.


My child does not attend TAS and cannot make it to the 2:45pm – 3:40pm Skills Assessment time.

We recognize that many of our members do not attend TAS and cannot make it to the school grounds for the practices. We do try to provide solutions for these members. For example, we try to hold Skills Assessments until 4:00pm to allow for students to arrive later and we are also willing to do assessments on Saturdays when we are out on the fields with other sports. In other words, we will try our best to help out.

The best thing you can do is be proactive and contact us as early as possible. We can then arrange possible solutions for the Skills Assessment.

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Do you provide kindergarten pick-up service for TAS kids?

Yes, we provide kinder pick up service for TAS kindergarteners attending group classes but please first sign up for the kinder pick up service with the TYPA office.
We will pick them up in the kinder cave area at 2:45 pm and send them to their respective TYPA classes.
After the class, we will send them to either the bus area or the TYPA lobby. Our assistants will wait with your child(ren) at the TYPA lobby until 3:50pm. Any child who is not picked up by 3:50pm will be sent to the TYPA office.
Parents who are interested in this service are required to sign up with us.


Do you provide kindergarten pick-up service for Tiger Tots kids?

Yes, please sign up for kinder pick up service with the TYPA office first. We will send Tiger Tots students to their respective TYPA classes at 2:45 pm. However, after the class, parents will need to pick them up at the TYPA lobby.
Our assistants will wait with your child(ren) at the TYPA lobby until 3:50pm. Any child who is not picked up by 3:50pm will be sent to the TYPA office.


If my child is scheduled to take the TAS bus home after TYPA classes but I happen to be on campus and want to pick him/her up myself. What should I do?

Please call the TYPA office as soon as possible and we will inform respective TYPA instructors and assistants.


Taiwan (the Republic of China)

Taiwan (the Republic of China) is an island nation located sixty miles off the southeastern coast of mainland China (the People’s Republic of China). It is about half the size of Ireland. Its population exceeds 23 million people, making it among the most densely populated countries in the world. The island of Taiwan is mountainous and is bordered by the Taiwan Strait, the East China Sea, the Philippines Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and the South China Sea.


About Taipei

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, an island off the south-east of China. It is located at the northern tip of the feather-shaped island. Taiwan is a densely populated municipality with approximately 23.3 million inhabitants sharing the island's 36,193 square kilometers; within that, Taipei is home to 2.6 million.

The city retains much of the cultural environment of ancient China, but also is representative of new and more western ways of life. People are friendly, helpful, and industrious; most Taiwanese speak at least some English. On public transportation and in most places in the city, signs are in both Mandarin and English. Chinese art forms of all kinds can be enjoyed. Planned tours of the city and the island are readily available. Taipei restaurants offer every type of superb Chinese cuisine, as well as dishes from other world cuisines.


The Climate

Taiwan’s climate is subtropical. Average temperatures for Taipei range from 14°C to 34°C. In the north, summer temperatures often reach the mid to low 90sF (33-35°C) during the day and remain in the low 80sF (27-29°C) at night. During the months of December and January the daily highs are 65-70°F (18-24°C) and lows are 50-65°F (10-18°C). Cooler temperatures are recorded in the mountains. The bigger challenge for many expatriates living in Taipei is the humidity. Relative humidity is high throughout the year, ranging between 65 and 90 percent, which makes the chill seem deeper and the heat stronger.

Due to its location in the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan, and consequently also Taipei, is affected by the Pacific typhoon season, between June and October. An average of 6 typhoons (tropical storms) reach Taiwan each year, usually during the months of July to November. The effect of these storms on community life varies with the severity of the storm. Businesses and schools are occasionally shut down for typhoon weather.


Transportation in Taipei

Taipei offers an extensive public transport infrastructure, including rail, bus, and an efficient subway known as the Metro. Taipei’s Metro system offers commuters comprehensive routes throughout the city, including the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Buses, rail systems and the Metro all operate out of the central Taipei Station and use a contactless smartcard known as the Easycard, which passengers can add credit to and then use across all methods of transportation in the city as well as in some retail outlets.


Culture and Leisure in Taipei

Taipei’s famous landmarks include Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, and 228 Peace Memorial Park. Taipei is also renowned for its night markets, featuring stalls trading in clothing, food, and consumer goods. Home to the Taipei 101 building, the Xinyi District is popular with tourists and locals alike, and is filled with entertainment and shopping venues, including the huge Shin Kong Mitsukoshi complex.


Work Permits

TYPA applies for a work permit and Alien Resident Card for those who works for TYPA. This process typically takes about two weeks and will involve providing copies of the employee’s passport, employment contract, and evidence of previous education and employment.


National Health Insurance

Taiwan’s healthcare system is very good, cheap and relatively English friendly. The Employees will participate in Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI). With NHI, the Employee may visit any clinic or hospital of the employee’s choice within the NHI network providers. There is a co-payment of NT$150-450 (US$5-15) for each visit. Dental care is also available through NHI. The Employee’s portion of the monthly premium will be deducted from the Employee’s monthly salary. The premium is based on the salary and the number of dependents that are covered.


Labor Insurance and Pension

TYPA provides Labor Insurance and pension according to the laws of the R.O.C.


Group Accident and Hospitalization Insurance

The Employee will be enrolled in the group accident and hospital insurance plan. The premium will be paid by TYPA.


Physical Examination

TYPA will cover the routine physical examination fees for the Employee.


Work Permit & Alien Registration Certificate (ARC)

TYPA will assist and cover the cost of work permit application and processing the foreign employee’s Alien Registration Certificate (ARC).