Tiger Tots COVID-19

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Tiger Tots COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Tiger Tots truly appreciates the support of our families during this unexpected COVID-19 outbreak. We have been working diligently to ensure the health and safety of our families, students and staff during this sensitive time. We have the following policies and procedures in place to either eliminate or reduce contact with other people and to screen for fever to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

As policies and procedures are changing day by day, we will do our best to keep our community informed of any updates. We appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding during these challenging times.

Family Reporting Procedure

Based on current Taiwan CDC restrictions, TYPA - Tiger Tots (following TAS guidelines) are implementing the below restrictions closely.

Updated Safety Measures:

a. IF you have traveled to anywhere in the world that is out of Taiwan, and returned after March 15;

b. OR you have had direct contact with someone who has traveled to anywhere in the world that is out of Taiwan, and returned after March 15;

c. OR you reside in the same home with someone who has met either of the conditions above.

If any of the above statements describe your situation, please be advised you are not allowed on campus for 14 days from the date of the event. We also ask you to notify us immediately using TYPA’s Travel and Contact Survey.

Campus Access Procedure

Every person entering campus will be screened for a fever and if found to be over 37.5 Celsius will be denied entry. Anyone denied entry due to illness must be symptom free for 24 hours, without support from symptom relieving medications, before returning to school.

▪ A child showing any sign of illness must stay at home and be allowed ample time to recover.

▪ Campus access will only be through the Tiger Tots (Tian Yu campus) front entrance, TYPA lobby (from 7:00am–9:30am), TAS lobby and TAS parent parking lot entrance. All teachers and students who enter the campus must pass the temperature check and wash their hands with soap and water or alcohol before entering the classroom.

▪ Adults may NOT enter campus without an appointment before 3:40pm on weekdays.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedure

▪ In addition to the regular cleaning activities that take place before and after school, cleaning crews (TAS campus) and staff are taking extra precautions to wipe and disinfect surfaces using a sanitizing solution, paying special attention to entrance areas, handrails, door handles, and other frequently used public areas consistently throughout the day.

▪ Hand sanitizers, wipes, and tissues will be readily available at both campuses.

Thank you for your support! We continue to work together to take the best possible care of your children.