Summer Tech Camp

Students will combine engineering skills, scientific inquiry, and design thinking skills to explore the problems that scientists and engineers all around the world are trying to solve!
We will use a range of maker tools, microcontrollers, sensors, mechanical building blocks, and child-friendly coding applications to explore 3 central themes:

  • Surviving in Space: We will build inventions that demonstrate how mankind can get to space, explore the terrain, and survive with no infrastructure. Examples include rocketry, growing food in space, and astronaut suit technology.
  • Ocean and Climate: we will build prototypes of devices that marine biologists and climatologists use to explore our most precious planetary systems such as the deep oceans, wild rainforests, and Antarctica. Examples include ice drilling and data collection, wildlife tracking, and deep-sea pressure monitoring devices.
  • Smart Cities & Health: We will explore cities of the future with connected roads and environments - and how our habits and health can improve with connected devices. We will use different sensors such as accelerometers, thermometers, and pulse sensors to detect data about ourselves and how this can keep us safe.

Whether you're a grade 1 student writing your first algorithm or a skilled builder that's ready to hack some hardware, our experienced STEM instructors will prepare age-appropriate projects and tools.
These Tech Camps are designed to meet your child where they're at with their technology journey and take them on a tech quest to help humanity thrive!

  • Grades

    (in Fall 2024)

  • Days/Time

    JUN. 11 - JUL. 19
    MON. - FRI. 9:00am - 4:00pm

  • Lunch

    A delicious lunch is provided

  • Cost

    $ 24,000 / per week

Summer Tech Camp | TYPA