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Taipei American School

The mission of the Taipei American School is supported through our commitment to academic excellence, personal development, and international awareness. It is with a great deal of pride that our board of directors, administration, faculty, staff, and TAS community work together toward enlivening this mission..

Taipei European School

TES has attracted regional and worldwide attention with its unique model for integrating British, French, and German High School sections in terms of their curricula, administration, finance, buildings and facilities..

Community Services Center

The Community Services Center provides outreach and early intervention through counseling, life skills program, cross-cultural education and information to meet the needs of the international community in Taipei. We are a non-profit foundation whose aim is to help you benefit from and enjoy to the fullest your Taiwan experience..

American Institute in Taiwan

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) is a non-profit, private corporation established shortly after the United States Government changed its diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing on January 1, 1979..

American Chamber of Commerce

AmCham fosters the development of commerce and trade between the United States and Taiwan and encourages local governments to adopt and implement the highest possible international business standards..

The American Club in China

Since 1968, the American Club in China (ACC) has provided a warm welcome and a home away from home for people from around the world who have been brought together in Taipei's international community. Our enduring traditions of service, our excellent facilities, and our reputation as being the place to gather with friends, associates and family in Taipei, have contributed to our position as Taiwan's premier club..