Tiger Tots Program


At Tiger Tots, we provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years.

Our programs have been designed to follow North American standards, and we provide age-appropriate educational goals, values, and philosophies which are implemented within a challenging and exciting learning environment. Play sets the stage for learning and provides the medium through which the children may imitate, explore, test ideas, acquire information, and draw conclusions.

Our experienced, caring personnel emphasize and foster a positive self-image while encouraging uniqueness within socialization. The unique interests of each child are used as a guide for inquiries and exploration within the classroom.

Tiger Tots also offers weekly gymnastics, music, and Kidsportz classes (4s and 5s), provided by TYPA specialized instructors. In addition, Mandarin classes are available for those students who want to acquire a new language or improve their first language.


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