Managing Director's Message

“In my long association with TYPA through my children’s participation and involvement with the TYPA Board, I have seen incredible change. From very humble beginnings, TYPA has grown over the last four decades to be a true community leader and a magnificent organization for the international community. On its 40th anniversary, I wish TYPA a very happy birthday!

- Livia Yu, TYPA Executive Board Chairperson

Happy 40th TYPA! We’ve grown and matured in every way over the years. From very modest beginnings with just a few instructors offering 16 activities to a handful of children, TYPA now employs 130 specialized instructors offering over 150 different activities every week to 2,000 members.
These activities are wide-ranging and include technology (robotics, app design, coding and 3D printing & design), sport (soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, track & field and inline-skating), music (piano, cello, violin, flute, guitar and vocal), martial arts, dance, gymnastics, public speaking, drama, chess, art, Tiger Tots early childhood programs, adult classes as well as many more. And then there are the summer offerings (Day Camp, Pre-School Camp, Tech Camp, Film Camp, Basketball Camp, Tennis Camp as well as music programs). Yes, we have certainly grown!
As Livia stated above, TYPA is a true community leader and has become the “third place” for our community after home and school. We not only provide quality sports and recreational programs but we also provide opportunities for families to meet and socialize and develop relationships in our community.
And all of this would not happen without the professionalism of our incredible staff, the dedication of our huge band of volunteers and the support of our wonderful families. To all our community, we say a big thank you!
We have a lot to celebrate during this significant year! We invite you drop by and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with us.

Best wishes,
Gerry Moran
TYPA Managing Director