Martial Arts


TYPA offers martial arts classes in four distinct disciplines – Aikido, Karate, Ninja, and Taekwon-Do. Martial arts teaches respect, courtesy, self-discipline, and improves flexibility, strength, stamina, health, and fitness.

Discipline, attitude, and respect for martial arts will be emphasized in each class. Examples of the above guidelines include promptness to class, proper wearing of uniforms, and respect for the martial arts master and fellow students.

There is minimal body contact in all martial arts classes with occassional sparring practice for students at a more advanced level.

Belt Advancement Tests

Each martial arts discipline has a colored belt (ranking) system allowing students to set their goals and challenge themselves. Testing criteria will not only include skills, but also discipline, attitude, and respect displayed throughout the semester. Students will not advance to the next belt level unless all these criteria are met to the satisfaction of the instructor. It is not mandatory to take the test, however, it is recommended if your child would like to advance to the next level.

*Students will be required to purchase a uniform in the beginning of semester and students will have the opportunity to take a test at the end of the semester. Please note there will be an additional cost for tests.

Dress Code Policy

Students will be required to wear a specific uniform for each discipline. They are required to purchase their own uniforms with assistance from the instructor. Students must be in a properly fitted uniform by the third lesson or they will not be able to participate in class. Each discipline has its own unique uniform and a different belt system.