01. Master Registration

One per family

The master registration form is for all new members and is required to be filled out by each family becoming a member. Please note that either parent's signature and a copy of participant's passport are required to complete the registration process.

02. Medical History Form

One per member as necessary

Please complete as necessary, one per member.

03. 2018-2019 Catalog

Activities Magazine

A perusal of our 2018-2019 brochure will open up an incredible smorgasbord of activities for you and your children.

04. Payment Options

TYPA accept payments by cash, credit card or bank transfers. Please refer to the details on the form.

05. Credit Card Authorization Form

One per card

This pre-authorization service is provided to our members for avoiding another visit to the TYPA for their already reserved classes payment. For confidential and security reasons we suggest you bring this form to the TYPA office in person. If you would like to submit it via email, please send the information in two separate emails (share partial numbers in each email).

06. Room Assignments

About room assignments

Please check the room assignments for the locations of the TYPA classes held at Taipei American School campus. If you are enrolled in Tiger Tots Enrichment classes it will be held at the Tiger Tots Campus on Tian Yu street. WARNING: Locations Subject to Change! Check this listing prior to class start.

07. TAS eTag Request Form

Complete and submit

Non-TAS members please download this eTag Request Form if you need the drive-through access to the TAS Campus.

08. Gate Pass for Helper


This form is used for obtaining a TAS gate pass for your representative (helper, member's grandparents, etc) who will be dropping off or picking up your child from our activities. A photo and a copy of ID is required when submit the form.

09. Tiger Tots Pick-Up Form

We must have one file which lists persons who are authorized to pick-up each child.

10. Tiger Tots Waiting List Application

Please fill one form per child

All members interested in having their children join our Tiger Tots program are required to complete this form and submit it to the TYPA office with a copy of children' passport.

11. Tiger Tots Language and Literacy Application

Please fill one form per child

Please complete and submit the Language and Literacy form if you are interested in signing up for our after-school L & L program.

12. Tiger Tots Withdrawal Form

Required to withdraw from Tiger Tots

If you wish to withdraw your child from the Tiger Tots program, please complete and submit this form to the TYPA office. Please download Summer Withdrawal Form for Pre-School Camp.

13. Tiger Tots Short Term Medication Form

Please use this form if a child will be taking medication for two days or less.

14. Tiger Tots Long Term Medication Form

Please use this form if a child will be taking medication for longer than two days.

15. Activities Registration Form (Spring 2019)

Please fill out this form to indicate the Spring activities you wish to register for

Please list the class name, time and day of week

18. Withdrawal Form

Required for Withdrawing Fall and/or Spring Activities

Withdrawal will become effective when this form is submitted to the TYPA Registrar. A credit or refund will be issued according to the information page in the TYPA catalog. The TYPA registration fee is non-refundable.

20. Music Agreement

Read and Understand

Please look over the TYPA music agreement carefully and go over it with your child.

21. Music Room Assignments

About music room assignments

This is the music room chart for music classes starting at 2:45pm. If you have music classes prior to 2:45pm please be in touch with TYPA office to confirm the class location. You will need to know the name of your music teacher and the day of your class in order to find your room.