How To Register

Please choose one:

Step 2

Qualification: "Are you holding a foreign passport?"

Step 3

Are you located in Taiwan?

Non-foreign passport holder

Sorry, we are unable to accept your application. Due to Taiwan government regulations governing the charter of TYPA, all members must be foreign nationals holding a foreign passport. Thank you for visiting our website.

You will need

1. Member ID

Be a member / Member ID / Master Registration Form

Joining TYPA is a simple process. Just email us or come to the TYPA office with the completed Master Registration Form and bring the new member’s foreign passport. Each participant pays a registration fee of $1,600 for Fall and Spring semesters and $800 for Summer activities. Activity fees are various, please refer to the Program & Camps section.

2. Participant's Passport

A copy of each participant's foreign passport

Please submit the participant's passport and above documents to TYPA office at

Thank you for your application! Please click here for more information about registration!

Overseas Registration

1. Master Registration Form

Complete the Master Registration Form

It is required to be filled out by each family (one time only). We will also need a copy of your child’s passport to show that they meet the requirements of ‘foreign nationality’.

2. Activities Registration Form

Decide what classes you want / Fill out the Activities Registration Form

Once you’ve determined your registration time/date, complete the activities registration form for the appropriate semester on the right side.

You will also need

3. Registration Flowchart

This is a step by step instruction about how to register for activities in 2024 Fall Semester

Please go to the third section and follow the instructions.

4. "Get A Q-up Number"

We have a "Get A Q-up Number" service for our Fall & Spring Registrations. This service allows all TYPA members to obtain a registration time/number from our website to receive a DAY and TIME to come in to the TYPA office for registration.

Please note that this service is only available through the member's only site 'My TYPA', so please follow the aforementioned flowchart to become a member first so that you have the access to My TYPA before the "Get A Q-up Number" date.

This part is VERY IMPORTANT in signing up for your activities. Our "Get A Q-up Number" page will be available in November for the Spring registrations and April for the Fall registration. Please note that all times are Taipei, Taiwan time (UTC/GMT +8 hours).

Please read the instructions on that page as well as our weekly emails leading up to our registration period (November/December and April/May). Please be aware that we may have some changes to our registration periods, so it's important that you are on our weekly email list and stay informed.

5. If you have someone to help you.

Have a representative in Taiwan come in to the office at your appointment time to sign up and pay for the activities you are able to get. You'll need to have someone locally to help you complete the process (family member, friend, etc). Registration is completed and secured only upon full payment.

On your appointment day and time your representative will come into the office and register for the activities that you want that are still available. You'll want to check our list of full and near-full activities via 'Available Activities' section. Please be aware that during these registration days, many activities full up quickly, so you'll want to consider having second choices for your activities.

Your representative will need to also present the documents needed (Master Registration Form, Passport copy, Activity Registration Form, etc.) as well as payment (we accept payment by cash, credit card, or your completed Authorization of Credit Card Payment Form).

You can fax, email, or otherwise get those documents to your representative. Again, you'll want to make sure your representative has a 'Plan B' or 'C' for you in case you aren't able to get all the activities you want. Each member pays a NT$1,600 registration fee per semester in addition to class fees.

6. If you have no one to help you.

If you have no one to help you, simply email us your Q-up number after you receive it online with all documents needed.
Please send the email to:

We also need the above Authorization of Credit Card Payment Form. Your registration will be processed at the end of the date you have been assigned online. After the transaction is approved by the bank, a receipt will be sent to you via email. Please be aware that if a class is fully booked, your child will be put on the waiting list and the class fee will not be charged.

Please note that the first round of "Get A Q-up Number" is for Tiger Tots and TAS families; if you get a number during that round, and you are not a Tiger Tots or TAS family, the number is invalid -- we will not be able to help you until you obtain a number during the second "Get A Q-up Number" period. We give our Tiger Tots and TAS families priority in signing up for our activities. You ARE considered a Tiger Tots or TAS family if at least one of your children have been accepted into Tiger Tots or TAS for the following semester.

7. Subscribe to Our Weekly Newsletter

If you are not currently receiving our weekly informational newsletter, please do subscribe it. Please click on the "Join Our Mailing List" button, and fill out the sign-up form. Once you have submitted the form, you will be put on our distribution list. These emails provide a wealth of information, dates, documents, etc on what’s happening here at TYPA.