Testimonials from Tiger Tots Parents

"When researching preschools, we really wanted a whole-child, play-based learning environment for our daughter. Tiger Tots was the perfect fit, as their philosophy matched everything we were looking for. What we appreciate most is the fact that every adult, from teachers to secretaries to the director, knows our child by name and genuinely cares about her. That kind of concern is not easy to find, and we are so appreciative of it. Our daughter comes home excited from a day full of learning, and looks forward to going back to school every morning. I am so happy our second child will enroll soon. We are forever grateful for the meaningful experience Tiger Tots has been to our family."
-Carol Youssif

The community at Tiger Tots has been an instrumental part of our son's transition to Taiwan. After relocating from the US this past summer, we were eager for our little one to be in a nurturing environment where he would feel comfortable and loved. His teachers- as well as all of the members of the Tiger Tots family- have exceeded our expectations! Everyone is kind, engaging and truly wants the best for our son. We have appreciated having open communication with them on a regular basis, and feel thankful to have them in our son's life. For us, seeing our son's eagerness to go to school each morning- and his bright smile when we pick him up- has been invaluable. Thank you Tiger Tots!
- Katelyn Rosa Stephenson

I have 3 children and each of them has different characters and personalities. One thing they share in common is that they all enjoy Tiger Tots, where teachers appreciate and are sensitive to the differences of each child and tailor their approaches according to their needs.
Tiger Tots not only provides a child-centered, play-based learning environment but also emphasizes the importance of value development, such as being kind and honest, which in my opinion is crucial for young children. They grew up in a loving, caring, and positive community with daily encouragement to develop self-confidence. It is absolutely the best place for my children to start their life-learning journey.
- Elsa Chiu

There are many "first time" experiences that takes place in Tiger Tots. Children are encouraged to explore, to learn and to enjoy. When a two-three year old child asks why there isn't school for that day, you know the child likes going to school. All my five kids have asked me the same question; Knowing they are very different in their personalities and interests, Tiger Tots has done an excellent job in guiding and developing each and every child."
- Winnie Chao

“Regardless of your background, Tiger Tots’ welcoming staff and supportive approach will help your child flourish, and also comfort you that your child’s education and well-being are in good hands. It is a wonderful place for your child’s education to begin or continue, and we couldn’t have been happier with our child’s experience there, and our own!”
- Miwako Ito

“Our son has been with Tiger Tots for almost two years. He's gone from a shy, barely talking little guy to a confident, social, and happy tiger tot. Whenever we see the big smile on his face after school, we know we made the right choice choosing Tiger Tots as the first school in his life. ”
- Mr. and Mrs. Aldworth

"This is my 6th year as a Tiger Tots mom and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the school. The teachers at Tigers Tots are wonderful, patient and kind. Tiger Tots was the first school each of my three children have gone to and the transition was always smooth and seamless because of the care from the teachers. Thomas loves going to school everyday and he's always excited to tell me what happened at school. He especially loves to show me the songs and dances he's learned at school."
-Melissa Hsi

"When we first came to Taiwan, one of my biggest concerns was to find the best school for my children. We found it all at Tiger Tots - a student-centered learning approach, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teaching staff, and rich diversity among the student population. Tiger Tots has helped my daughter grow as a learner and as an individual. She is happy and enjoys going to school each day. Further, TYPA has lots of opportunities for parental involvement, which has allowed me to meet other parents and create lasting friendships. The TYPA community has had a positive impact on our whole family! Thank you, TYPA!"
-Stephanie Johnson

"We are so pleased with the warm and positive environment that surrounds our son each day at Tiger Tots. Since enrolling in the program two years ago, we have greatly appreciated the professionalism, understanding and personal touch of each staff member.”
- Christina Stachulak-Le Corvec

Having the Tiger Tots program transformed Taipei into a place we call home.
- Vanessa Jones

We moved to Taiwan about a year ago. At that time, we didn’t have any idea of school options here in Taiwan. When asking around most people recommended Tiger Tots. Our experience with Tiger Tots has been really amazing. We noticed from day one how loving, dedicated and professional the teachers are. Our daughter instantly clicked with her teachers at Tiger Tots and she loves going to school. One of the things we love the most about Tiger Tots is the good communication with the teachers, we get an update every day on how our daughter is doing at school and all the fun stuff they do. We are really happy with TYPA-Tiger Tots and would highly recommend it to everyone.
- Ramis and Simone Lopez

"After a yearlong search for a preschool, Tiger Tots was the last preschool I visited and it was love at first sight. Each morning I drop off my twins they are greeted by name with great enthusiasm from the loving staff. The teachers are truly dedicated to their profession and passionate about their job.
The environment is cheerful, welcoming and nurturing. The classrooms are full of engaging activities that challenge my children. Tiger Tots has been the perfect place for my twins to grow, explore and learn through play. In addition Tiger Tots fosters independence, respect and a care for others. A HUGE thank you to the staff for running and managing such a warm and friendly facility.
From a parent’s point of view, Tiger Tots has been a great introduction for my children to school. The greatest validation is that my children love going to school. They have fun and have developed a deep love for learning. This is the greatest gift a parent could ask for.”
- Lu Family

"I love Tiger Tots! The learning environment is an extension of myself, as a mom. The staff is loving and kind, while expecting, and demonstrating respect, and appropriate behavior. Teaching is done in playful, and fun surroundings, giving each child a positive start to a life long adventure in education. Thank you Tiger Tots teachers and staff for your investment in my child. I am grateful for your contribution.”
- Simone Scovell

I so wish I could be there today to thank all you teachers for being so fantastic! Teresa loved her school and I mean it literally. When I was her age teachers were feared a little and respected, not loved like you all. We couldn't be happier with how the year turned out to be for Teresa. Amongst all this loving and fun she made also a great academic leap which will put her very much ahead at the school back home. You have all done an amazing job, we will not forget you and definitely come to visit when next in Taiwan. Big hugs for all of you!
- Aleksandra and Glen McGrath

"Sending our children to Tiger Tots Preschool was the best decision ever! We feel so proud and happy to witness their transformation into more responsible and knowledgeable human beings. Everyday is filled with new adventures and lots of joy at Tiger Tots Preschool. We extensively benefit from the profound knowledge of teachers and appreciate the hard work of their professional staff. Each day, our children feel happy and more enthusiastic and can't wait to go back to school! Tiger Tot's nurturing and caring environment lets us feel like one big family! We will truly miss our Tiger Tots family and cherish wonderful memories!”
- Jose and Ceren Silva

"The TYPA "Tiger Tots" program was a perfect fit for our curious and energetic daughter. It was a fun, educational and nurturing English family! We have made so many friends. We look forward to next year taking full advantage of as many TYPA activities as possible. Thank you!”
- Aaron and Jennifer Marshall

"How can you tell if your kids are happy at Tiger Tots? Well, they ask on weekend mornings if they can go to school. Then they frown when told there is no school on weekends. We get their attention (in a positive way) when we invoke the phrase, “NO SCHOOL FOR YOU". When we peek into the classrooms we see our son and daughter smiling and giggling with their classmates. We hear then eagerly describing their day at school and who they played with on the playground and what they learned in circle time and how they made their “masterpieces” during craft time. We are very fortunate to have Tiger Tots as an important part of their happy childhood.”
-Peter Chien and Eireen Chen

"Tiger Tots is a treasure. It provides a caring and supportive environment for my children.”
- Hilary Roy

"Tiger Tots is an outstanding program with fantastic teachers and staff, making it hard to express in just a few words its many merits. If I had to name one thing though, I would say it's helped my sons develop into caring and sharing individuals who are able interact with others, and the world around them.”
-Jeffrey Mindich

"Tiger Tots is a very smooth establishment, everything ties together in a coherent manner. And when everything connects, as a parent we feel safe sending our little ones to school. We know our precious ones are in good hands.”
-Ingrid Lopez

"My son loved the Tiger Tots program because it gave him the foundation he needed to transfer to the Taipei American School It offered the safety, flexibility and professionalism that we were looking for in a pre-school program.”
-Terri McDonald

"Tiger Tots provides a healthy, balanced environment for my kids to grow, play, learn and socialize with their classmates who come from diversified cultural backgrounds. My kids very much enjoyed their time in the Tiger Tots program.”
- Peter Ho

"We didn't know what we would do with our daughter when we arrived in Taipei. Tiger Tots was perfect for her in every way!”
- Anne Kelly

"Tiger Tots is such a valuable asset to the international community. My son loved attending Tiger Tots and was thoroughly prepared for his transition to Taipei American School."
- Heidi Silsby