The TYPA gymnastics program follows the Australian Women’s Artistic Gymnastics guidelines and offers an excellent opportunity for students of all ages and abilities. We utilize the trampoline, the vault, the uneven bars, and the balance beam to develop agility, strength, and coordination through various routines. Whether you wish to train competitively or recreationally, your body will benefit from the exercise and discipline required.

As safety is top priority, our TYPA gymnastics coaches will ensure all gymnasts are placed in the appropriate level and it normally takes two semesters to advance to the next level.

Due to equipment and space limitation, only female gymnasts will be able to join our advanced classes.

Gymnastics MEETS

TYPA will attempt to schedule gymnastics meets for Advanced gymnasts with other local and international gymnastics organizations.
Only Advanced gymnasts who signed up for 3+ hours of classes per week starting from the beginning of the semester will be invited to participate in gymnastics meets (overseas and local).

The gymnastics meet is not guaranteed or part of the activity fee. Please understand that there will be no cancellations of class if there are no gymnastics meet for the current semester. Any extra meets or travel will be at the expense of the participants.


All gymnastics classes require loose or stretchy workout clothing. Avoid wearing jeans or skirts and take off watches, jewelry, and protruding hair gear. All classes will be conducted bare foot in the covered gymnastics room. Advanced gymnasts should wear leotards for class.