Registration Information


Log in to “My TYPA” with your TYPA Family ID and Password.


Choose your family’s category then click "continue" at the service time for your category.


Type the Verification Code inside the box then submit.


The Date/Time assigned for you to come in to register will be shown on the page.
Print your own copy or take a screenshot.

See you at the TYPA office on the date/time stated for your registration number.

Only one number is required for each family.

Warning Page 1

If the member forgot to choose a family’s category.

Warning Page 2

If the member mistyped the verification code.

Warning Page 3

If a registration number has previously been issued to your family. (Each family only needs ONE registration number.)
Your registration number will be shown on the page.

Warning Page 4

If you submitted too early or too late for the on-line service.

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ARN: "Advanced Registration Notices." Teacher will pass out the ARNs in classes April 2-14. Only students in progressive skill level classes will receive the ARNs. These classes include Actor's Workshop, Chess, Computer Lab, Dance, Gymnastics, Health & Fitness, Lego, Mandarin, Martial Arts, Music and Tennis.

E-Registration: E-registration service is available between 16-26 April for continuing students to pay for progressive skill level classes through the convenience of e-mail with pre-authorization of their credit cards.

★If you are using E-registration service for the first time please follow the instructions below:
1. Download Authorization of Credit Card Payment Form from our website.
2. Fill out the Authorization of Credit Card Payment form
3. Attach the Authorization form and your child's ARN document(s)
4. Email to

Spring 2019 Registration Dates & Hours

Spring Semester starts from Tuesday 8 January, and ends on Friday 24 May 2019. Please click on the + button below for the detailed registration dates and time.

Re-Registration for Continuing Students

Online Spring Bill will be available via My TYPA

If you wish to continue activities you are taking right now in Spring 2019, please log in to your "My TYPA" and follow the instructions.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Log in to My TYPA to view your Spring Bill (available between 1-29 November) Confirm class(es) you wish to continue in the 2019 Spring Semester Select your preferred payment method Submit your Spring Bill online

Spring Bill Payment Due Dates

Tiger Tots Spring Bill Due - November 13, 2018
TYPA Activity Spring Bill Due - November 29, 2018

Current Soccer Players

Soccer players in Fall 2018 may pre-register for Spring baseball between 1-29 November 2018.

Registration for New Activities/Families

If you wish to enroll in additional activities besides those classes that you already have in the Fall semester, please visit "Get Registration Number" page in MY TYPA for getting an appointment time to come in to register.

The "Get Registration Number" dates are:
Tiger Tots & TAS Families 10:00am, December 4, 2018: "Get Registration Number via My TYPA.
December 5 & 6 are registration days for Tiger Tots & TAS families.

All Members10:00am, December 10, 2018: "Get Registration Number via My TYPA.
Registration period begins from December 11, 2018 for all members.

The "Get Registration Number on-line" service is available through My TYPA from 10:00am to 4:00pm on the dates indicated above.

Check Activities Availability Instantly!

Click the link to know what activities we are offering and which are not yet full. Remember to select a Grade/Age for activities suitable for your child’s age.

Payment options

By Cash

Please pay in the TYPA office.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:30pm, and Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm.

By Check

The corner of the NT$ Cash Check must be crossed out, non-transferable and payable to "TYPA".

Please send by registered mail with a copy of the registration form to the TYPA office or deliver in person. The name of participant and program detail should be listed on the registration form.

By Credit Card

TYPA accepts VISA, Master Card and JCB Cards only.

Please pay in person at the TYPA office. For member who has completed the Authorization of Credit Card Payment, the payment can be made through the E-Registration service (online).
The Authorization of Credit Card Payment Form can be found below:

By Bank Transfer

TYPA, Bank Number: 017, Account Number: 021-10094048

● Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Tian Mu Branch
● Account Name (Beneficiary): TYPA
● Bank Number: 017
● Account Number: 021-10094048

After you have completed the bank transfer, please email (1) the remittance slip and (2) the registration form to or fax (02-28736344).

The name of participant and program detail should be listed on the registration form.

Withdrawal Policy

CREDIT & REFUND POLICY for 2018-2019

Activity Policy

Withdrawal will only take effect after the member has presented TYPA with the appropriate Withdrawal Form.

Summer Camps

Withdrawals or schedule changes will only take effect if you inform the office on or before the Monday prior to your session.

Tiger Tots Policy

Withdrawal will only take effect after the member has presented TYPA with the appropriate Withdrawal Form

Registration Fee

The TYPA registration fee is non–refundable.

Activity Fees/Tuition

If withdrawal is completed before the due dates listed below, a NT$500 processing fee will be deducted from the remaining program cost and the remainder will be refunded or credited.
However for Summer Camps, a NT$1,000 processing fee will be charged instead for each week withdrawn.

Refund & Credit Dates Last Day for Refund Last Day for Credit or Schedule Change Processing Fee
Fall 2018 Aug. 9, 2018 Aug. 25, 2018 $500
Spring 2019 Dec. 19, 2018 Jan. 19, 2019 $500
Summer Camps On or before the Monday prior to your session On or before the Monday prior to your session $1,000
Summer Tennis & Music May 25, 2018 May. 25, 2018 $500
Basketball Aug 8, 2018 Aug 8, 2018 $500
Soccer Oct. 26, 2018 Oct. 26, 2018 $500
Baseball Feb. 22, 2019 Feb. 22, 2019 $500
Tiger Tots Please refer to Tiger Tots section Tiger Tots Registration Information

Credits are transferable to any other class or program for a period of one year from the time of the withdrawal. The transferred credits can also be used by any member of the same family.

Refunds will be issued by check within three weeks of withdrawal notice. For amounts of less than $3,000 a cash refund can be requested. All payments made by credit card can only be refunded to the card itself.

If the member relocates, a refund will only be issued if the withdrawal is before October 13, 2018 for the Fall semester or March 16, 2019 for the Spring semester.


Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, such as room availability or teacher illness, TYPA reserves the right to add, cancel or change classes.

When classes are cancelled due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, refunds, credits, or make ups will not be given. However, in the case of tennis, music, and summer programs please refer to these specific policies in Programs & Camps section respectively. In case of a typhoon alert, check our website, or call TYPA to verify if your class has been cancelled or not.

If TYPA cancels a class, credit will be given. If a student simply misses a class, there will be no make-up or refund.