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I am sure this quote resonates with so many of us as we think back to our young sporting days with mom or dad on the sidelines giving us a thumbs-up while the coach gave us an encouraging high five as we came off the field. We knew that everyone cared and that our little world was perfect. Over the course of the year, we have over 220 TYPA coaches giving out those high fives. These coaches develop children’s skills while fostering their love of the game. We know that fun for our very little participants is vital for them to want to play and to develop their skills.

One of our Under 8 girl’s soccer team coaches commented after the first game of the season, “What we lacked in draft players, we made up in handstands and cartwheels!” That statement sums up our coaches attitude. Sometimes children, at this young age, do not have great games but they do have great moments that our coaches recognize and celebrate.

At TYPA, we are truly blessed to not only have coaches who care but who turn up week after week despite life and work challenges. Recently, I heard Will Smith (the actor) speak about always ensuring that he was home for the weekend to watch his son play his Saturday games. I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of TYPA coaches who are “road warriors” and travel endlessly for their business.

Just recently, one of our coaches condensed his three-city USA business trip into a few days so that he could be on the late Thursday night flight from Los Angeles to Taipei arriving on Saturday morning to coach his daughter’s team. As he said, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

So, here’s to our coaches! Let’s give them all a HIGH FIVE!

Best wishes,

Gerry Moran
TYPA Managing Director

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