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Shaun’s comments are a testimony to the fact that we are realizing the TYPA mission of developing “healthy, well-rounded, confident youth, enthusiastic about learning through their participation in safe, dynamic, fun-filled recreational experiences.” And, do we have a selection for you!

TYPA aims to present a dilemma of choice. What activities, over 130 in all, will I choose for my child? This year, will he/she take soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, track & field or inline-skating? Or all of them! How about robotics, public speaking, drama or chess? And what about martial arts, dance or gymnastics? A wide variety of instruments includes piano, cello, violin, flute, guitar or even a vocal class. And we haven’t even mentioned the huge selection of art classes to choose from! Then, after I drop my children off to school in the morning, what adult TYPA classes will I take?

A perusal of our 2017-2018 brochure will open up an incredible smorgasbord of activities for you and your children. In addition to the many choices available, you have the reassurance that these activities are located on the TAS campus – a safe and secure environment for our families. Children can exit their classrooms and go straight to sports fields, dance studios, music rooms, theaters, courts, labs, gyms or martial art dojos for their new challenges and rewarding experiences.

As Shaun wrote, “The only problem is limiting how many activities my children can do, because there are just so many choices.” We hope you take the time to browse through our website and/or brochure and choose from this incredible array of recreational experiences. They are all great choices!

Best wishes,

Gerry Moran
TYPA Managing Director

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DAY CAMP, BASKETBALL & FILM CAMP registration has already begun and will continue throughout the spring and summer. For more information, please visit our Summer camps pages.

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Our Mission:
TYPA’s mission is to develop healthy, well-rounded, confident youth, enthusiastic about learning through their participation in safe dynamic, fun-filled recreational experiences.

Critical to providing these quality experiences and meeting the changing needs of the international community is the professionalism of our staff, the dedication of our volunteers and the support of our families.
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