Kiddie Cooking

Our little chefs will have a great time baking and cooking up delicious meals and desserts in this cooking class. They will learn how to read and follow recipes, and understand cooking measurements and unit conversion. This class is a complete hands-on experience with each student preparing the day’s recipe individually or in a group. Simple delicious recipes will ensure success for our junior chefs. Class cost includes ingredients, equipment and plenty of take-home goodies.


Ingredients, such as eggs, dairy products (milk, cheese and butter) will be used in the recipes. Please take the ingredients into consideration when signing up for this class.

Please bring your own container to take home the finished cooking projects.

  • grades


  • days

    MON. 3:45-4:55 pm, or
    TUE. 3:45-4:55 pm

  • cost

    $7,800 per semester