Tennis students will need to purchase their own tennis rackets to be used for tennis lessons. Tennis or sports shoes must be worn to avoid injuries and students will also need to wear proper sportswear in class.

Tennis Lessons
Grades 1-12

Come join TYPA tennis and learn how to serve, volley and hit a ground stroke! It’s a great opportunity for you to learn various tennis techniques with our outstanding tennis coaches.


TENNIS CLINIC Three coaches collectively instruct 15-20 students of all levels. Tennis clinic lessons are only offered from 2:45-3:35pm ( Mon-Fri ). We also offer a special tennis clinic lesson on Friday 3:45-4:40pm for grade 5 and older students. At the beginning of each semester, students will be assigned into different groups based on their assessed level and age. Tennis students will not be able to choose their own instructor.
Each student may only enroll in two tennis clinic classes per week.
PRIVATE One on one
SEMI-PRIVATE One coach with 2 students
GROUP One coach with 4 students

All Private, Semi-private and Group lessons are scheduled between 3:45-6:45pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays from 8:00am-5:30pm.

All tennis lessons are scheduled in the following manner: Towards the end of each semester, re-registration for continuing students takes place. During open registration, any available spaces remaining are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If a desired coach or time is unavailable, names are placed on a waiting list. All waiting lists and special requests are purged at the end of each semester.


(19 WEEKS)
(17 WEEKS)
Clinic $480 / 50 min $9,120 $8,160
(1 Person)
$640 / 30 min $12,160 $10,880
(2 Persons)
$420 / 30 min $7,980 $7,140
(4 Persons)
$420 / 60 min $7,980 $7,140

Tennis Courts Usage

Please note that TYPA tennis lessons will be held on the TAS Rubber D area.

Sometimes we will be allowed to use the TAS indoor or rooftop tennis facilities for lessons but please understand that it is not guaranteed for every semester. When the indoor or rooftop courts are unavailable, we will move back to offer lessons on the TAS Rubber D Area. We will not issue any credits or refund or makeup lessons when there are facility changes.

There will be times during the year when tennis lessons may be cancelled due to conflicts with the TAS activities. Members should note that TAS’s curricular programs take priority over TYPA recreational activities. Please take this into consideration when signing up for TYPA tennis programs.

Cancellation Policy

After the second week of the semester, no credits or refunds will be given due to withdrawals and no schedule changes will be allowed. There will be no credits or refunds for missed tennis clinics, group lessons or semi-private lessons. Private lessons are allowed one cancellation per semester, but the cancellation must be done at least 24 hours in advance. Please note, canceled tennis lessons will not be made up.

Regarding injury cancellation, we will only issue a refund to an injured student if they withdraw for the rest of the semester. This will be on a prorated basis. A $500 processing fee will be deducted from the remaining program cost and the TYPA Registrar must be informed as soon as possible of the injury. Please provide a medical certificate when applying for an injury refund. Once the injury application has been submitted, the student will lose priority registration for the re-registration period.

Announcements on the cancellations of tennis lessons due to inclement weather will be made at 2:00pm on the day of the lesson. Cancellation text messages will be sent to parents once the cancellation is confirmed. If the cancellation is made after 3:45pm, tennis coaches will contact the parents individually. Parents can call the TYPA office to inquire about cancellations after 2:00pm. Lessons cancelled by TYPA will be credited or refunded at the end of the semester.


Cancellation or Illness (except Camp Taiwan) One time only No refund No refund
Camp Taiwan Refundable Refundable No refund
Other TAS Activities No refund No refund No refund
Rainy Days Refundable Refundable Refundable

Tennis Waiting List

When TYPA tennis lessons are full, members can fill out a tennis waiting list form and submit it to the TYPA office. If any spot becomes available, the next member on the waiting list will be contacted. According to the withdrawal policy, this usually happens during the first two weeks of the semester. The waiting lists expire at the end of the semester.

Partnering up

If you sign up for a semi-private lesson, please endeavor to find a partner for yourself beforehand. If you cannot find a partner, please sign up for a private lesson initially and TYPA will try to help you find a partner at your level and age.
If you sign up for a semi-private or group lesson, but your partner(s) decide to cancel or reschedule to another time slot, your tuition will be adjusted according to the number of students registered for that class.