Game Strategy Math

Behind every game are multiple strategies, and behind every strategy is logic and mathematical thinking. Our minds recognize patterns, calculate risk, and make decisions using math when playing strategy games - but what if we added some numbers and basic formulas to these decisions? Game-playing superpowers are unlocked!

Game Strategy Math extracts and visualizes math and logic for kids as we play games like Catan, Yahtzee, Connect 4, and more. We even use code to create digital versions in Scratch that they can play against - human versus machine! This program is perfect for kids who want to develop more confidence in Math, especially those that aspire to engage in Math competitions like the Olympiad and AMC.

  • Grades


  • Days

    FRI. 2:45-3:35pm (Grades: 1-2)
    MON. 2:45-3:35pm (Grades: 3-5)

  • Cost

    $15,200 per semester / class