LEGO - SPM (Basic)

“Simple Powered Machines”

LEGO Simple Machines Sets are used in this course where students will be able to create simple mechanisms found in their daily lives (i.e. seesaws, egg beaters, etc.) From gears to motors, students follow guided instructions to create simple machines. They will be able to observe the transmission of force and the variation of speed. Through these and many other activities, their interest and passion for science will be fostered.

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    TUE. 2:45-3:35pm
    TUE. 3:45-4:40pm
    WED. 2:45-3:35pm
    WED. 3:45-4:40pm
    THU. 2:45-3:35pm
    THU. 3:45-4:40pm

  • cost

    $11,500 per semester/ class